Our Story

Welcome to Aww!

We want as many women as possible to enjoy a full of playful journey!
Aww started with that idea.

Why do Aww care so much about journey? What is a journey?

“A journey is to be back to a naked-self through exciting feelings you get from extraordinary. Then to connect with people, the world, the Earth and myself.”
That’s what we truly believe with our heart.

Everything become borderless in this era where you can connect with people from all over the world.
There is no border between race, gender and countries,
A journey that would have been an adventure towards a new horizon is no longer special.

When we travel, we get curious and we forget our everyday life and seek excitement.
People, cultures, values intersect.
A once-in-a-lifetime encounter and an exciting experience that awaits you.
“Aww” from the heart through extraordinary time makes you face your inner-self and takes you back to a naked-self.

And we realize, that we are essentially all connected.
Not only race, gender or countries.
One grandmother who told me the way in Taiwan,
The splendid view of Sedona that spread everywhere,
Koala family which came in contanct in Sydney,
The beautiful flowers of London that I saw during the walk,
We're ALL ONE.

Isn’t a journey an intersection of everyday and extraordinary?
Countless numbers of Aww makes me who I am.
Let’s go for an exciting journey!

"A journey is exactly the intersection of everyday
and extraordinary life in the world."

Find Your Aww!!

Our Brand Values

Designed for Girl’s trip

For all women to be able to enjoy a comfortable and a heart pounding journey.
With that in mind, we value the opinions of actual female travelers.
It is created with the inspiration gained by the designer themselves through many journeys.

Eco Friendly

Aww is produced in an environment friendly factory, and some of the materials used for the body are made from recycled materials.
We are a part of society, nature, and the Earth, and itself.
We sincerely believe that we contribute for improvements in the society and global environment with Aww products.

Top Quality-Reasonable Cost

Aww products are top quality products that uses high quality parts and have been quality tested under various conditions.
By conducting everything from planning to production and sales at once, we keep costs down and deliver them to customers at appropriate prices.


Aww does everything from product planning to production and sales ourselves, to provide “High quality and reasonable extraordinary experiences to as many people as possible."
We reflect the real voices of travelers into our products, manage quality on our own, and we transmit our value by communicating directly with our customers.
Since everything is managed by ourselves, and not through a third person, we can deliver high-quality products at reasonable prices.