2way Cotton Canvas & Cactus Vegan Leather Triangle Mini Bag


A mini bag made of sturdy 100% cotton canvas and cactus vegan leather made using cacti from DESSERTO, Mexico.
The natural canvas material is also combined with cactus leather to create a modern and mature atmosphere.
As a handbag or as a shoulder bag, you can enjoy different shapes and usage in 2 ways. When used as a handbag, the triangular shape that is likely to become a styling icon is impressive.
It can be opened and closed with an O-ring, so you don't have to worry about your luggage falling out or being seen. When used as a shoulder bag with an adjustable and detachable shoulder, it has a trapizoid shape.
You can put more luggage in it. A mini bag that can be used in a variety of situations just by having one, such as daily outings, dinners and shopping while traveling.

Size : Width 26cm × Height 19cm ×Depth 13cm
※Hand Strap 29cm
※Shoulder 94cm MAX
Weight :  270g
Material:Cotton , Cactus Vegan Leather

・Environmentally friendly vegan leather recycled from cactus

[Biodegradable and naturally derived]
Made up of up to 55% biodegradable material, it does not leave a trail of waste like plastic.

[Excellent durability]
Cactus are hardy plants that thrive in poor soils and drought conditions.It is also resistant to friction and UV rays.

[Breathability and water resistance]
The material has good breathability, repels moisture and is resistant to humidity.

[luxury appearance]
Although it is made of synthetic leather, it has won many awards around the world for its appearance and feel that is as good as genuine leather.  

[Low environmental impact]
Adopts organic farming methods that grow with rainwater without using any irrigation system or pesticides.

Compared to animal leather, greenhouse gas emissions are 1/3, water pollution is 1/6, water consumption is 1/150, and the burden on the environment is considerably reduced.

・Durable cotton canvas fabric used
・2way use of handbag and shoulder bag
・ O-ring attachment that can be opened and closed
・Removable shoulder (length adjustable)

* Depending on your monitor settings and lighting, the color of the actual product may look slightly different.

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