Body Strength

We perform strict quality inspections
such as drop test and pressure test.
Using polycarbonate and ABS resin,
we have achieved a light body with excellent strength and durability.

Body Design

a feminine style
Finished with a matte surface
so that it is not easily scratched or noticeable.
Also easy to open and close with a zipper.

Inside Compartment

Inside Design

TSA Lock

Dial lock without keys.
TSA lock, ready for a trip to USA!
You can set your own passcode.
Even for trips with a lot of security concerns,
you’re safe with the smart lock.

Additional Bag

Comes with an additional bag with the same design.
You can use it as an eco-bag or laundry bag.
You can attach it on the slider to carry it around
Allows you to fold compactly
to store without taking too much space.


Using top quality, made in Japan product from Hinomoto company.
360 degree rotation allows you to do small turns
Using 4 wheels of bigger double caster,
you can use them smoothly even on bumpy roads

Handle & Slider

Slider can be adjusted depends on how you like to use.
could be expanted smoothly
so you can use it stress-freely.
Also it comes with a handle on the top and the side
safe to carry them around in the stairs.

Wheel Lock

Comes with a caster stopper function
to prevent unexpected running in the train or on the slope.
Only need to slide the button
besides the caster
to on/off the stopper.

Compact Storage

You can store the suitcases of
different sizes compactly.
You can store the small size
into bigger size one
so you can store smartly without taking space.