Cactus Vegan Leather Luggage Tag


Luggage tag using vegan leather made using cacti from DESSERTO Mexico

One bag contains 1/10 cactus leaves, and by choosing this product, you can reduce CO2 emissions by 604g.

Cactus are hardy plants that thrive in poor soils and drought conditions.

In addition to the flexibility, water resistance, stretchability, and breathability unique to cacti, it is an eco-friendly material that is attracting attention around the world because it looks as good as genuine leather.

DESSERTO's cactus farm does not use any irrigation system or pesticides, and adopts organic farming methods that grow with rainwater. Harvesting mature leaves, reusing them for leather, and harvesting after waiting for growth, we are doing sustainable manufacturing under the ultimate ecosystem.

Engraved with the message "Is it me you are looking for?", this luggage tag is perfect for marking your own suitcase.

Size:Width7cm ×Height10.5cm
※Strap 14cm(when attached) 

Material:Cactus leather

・Environmentally friendly vegan leather recycled from cactus
 [Biodegradable and naturally derived]

A maximum of 55% is made of biodegradable materials and does not remain as waste like plastic.
[Excellent durability]

Cactus is a highly durable plant that can grow even in poor soil and drought conditions.It is also resistant to friction and UV rays.
[Breathability and water resistance]

The material has good breathability, repels moisture and is resistant to humidity.
[luxury appearance]

Although it is synthetic leather, it has won many awards around the world for its appearance and feel that are as good as genuine leather.
[Low environmental impact]

Employs organic farming methods that grow with rainwater without using any irrigation systems or pesticides.

Compared to animal leather, greenhouse gas emissions are 1/3, water pollution is 1/6, and water consumption is 1/150, significantly reducing environmental impact.

・Engraved with "Is it me you are looking for?"

* Depending on your monitor settings and lighting, the color of the actual product may look slightly different.

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