Indian Recycle Yarn Market Tote Bag


A market bag with a colorful and exotic striped pattern that is typical of India.
The outer material uses a fabric woven with threads recycled from plastic materials such as buckets. The lining is also made with plenty of recycled polyester, so even if it gets dirty, it can be wiped clean and easy to use.

It has enough gusset and is large enough to fit in a lot, so it can be used not only for everyday use such as shopping bags that tend to have a lot of luggage, but also for weekend trips, outdoors, going to the beach, etc. without worrying about getting dirty.
The inside has a pocket for smartphones and small miscellaneous goods, and the outside side has a pocket that is perfect for holding a water bottle or an umbrella, making it easy to use.

Size:Width45cm   ×Height39cm×Depth15cm
※Hand strap 55cm 

Material:Recycle Plastic, Recycle Polyester

・Uses recycled plastic and recycled polyester
・Showy striped pattern like India
・Storage function (inside)
・Storage function (outside)

* Depending on your monitor settings and lighting, the color of the actual product may look slightly different.

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